Burj Al Arab hotel, dubai

A iconic sail shaped structured Burj Al Arab hotel which stands 321 meters above the Arabian gulf is one of its kind and has contributed drastically in the Dubai’s heritage. This is one of the best example of great mixture of Arabian traditions with the latest technology empowering whole Arabian Hospitality. Guest here can be transported from the airport in a silver Rolls Royce Limousines adding more beauty and luxury to the trip. Keeping the needs of all the individuals from all over the world the hotels are fused with the private reception service on each floor to ease the service in more faster and simpler manner. Hotel also owns a private beach part only for the visitors of their own. A wide combination of 6 restaurants provides best dinning and other crunching facilities. It will take 3 minute journey to reach the under water restaurant named Al-Mahara which will provide guests with quality sea-food.


It is built in Super Luxury style with 202 suites ready to warm the welcome of visitors providing full edge service 24/7.

The other facilities include Al Falak Ballroom and other meeting suites at the 27th floor eligible to provide great meeting facilities for any kind of gatherings, Every floor has its own reception desk ready to give rapid service at light blazing speed, Each room carries a office area which is equipped of one Laptop and other amenities like fax machine and printer.

Banquets and meetings are arranged with the rooms with the sea view isĀ allotted. There is also a one Mixed-Swimming pool and one Women only Swimming pool service provided to eradicate the complications. In addition, hotel also has 42 inch plasma T.V section, one touch Air-Conditioning access and special access to handicapped individuals.

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