10 Special Events Worth Visiting in Dubai


There are plenty of things to do and places to visit when you are on a Dubai vacation. The good thing about Dubai is that it is a major hub for shows, events and sports tournaments which are held all throughout the year. If you are coming for a Dubai trip then make sure you attend some or if possible all of the following shows and events. A Variety of Shows and

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Tours and Trips Around Dubai City


If you are looking for different options in terms of tours and trips around Dubai city then rest assured there are plenty of them. The list of things you can do is long ranging from Hatta Wadi trips, scuba diving to helicopter tours and Sharjah tour. Let us now look at all of them in detail in the next few sections. Dubai Tours and Trips Hatta Wadi Trips: Hatta Wadi is

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Ideas for Family Weekend Activities in Dubai

Party Enjoyment in Dubai

If you are coming to Dubai for the first time with your family and wondering what are your options in terms of weekend activities in Dubai then rest assured, there are plenty of them. We will now look at some of the things you can do over weekend in this popular tourist destination. Weekend Activities in Dubai There are many things you can do in your Dubai tour,

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Come and Enjoy at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

If you love shopping then you must have heard about Dubai shopping festival which is now a world famous event. DSF is an annual event which started in 1996 and it attracts visitors from all around the globe who come to take part in this one month long cultural and shopping event. The most attractive thing about DSF is that here at the festival you are able to shop from

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Famous Destinations and Landmarks of Dubai

Dubai Marina

If you are on a Dubai tour then you will not like to miss the holiday destinations and landmarks of Dubai. Here in the following sections we will like to give a brief of places which should be on your list to visit when you are in Dubai Dubai Tourist Destinations Al Bastakiya Al Bastakiya is known for its old wind towers and one of the oldest forts in Dubai known

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Enthralling Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations of the world with plenty of attractions for global trotters. You are sure to get a thrilling vacation and live every moment of your stay in this city which is rich in culture and embraces tourist from every corner of the world. One of the most popular of tours is the Dubai desert safari which you will remember for many years to

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Luxury Cruising in Dhow Cruise


Dubai is known for desert safaris, its shopping malls and along with all these; Dubai is also renowned for being a place which provides different means of relaxation for your whole family. You will certainly enjoy the different safari tours and shopping around the city but Dhow cruise tour will undoubtedly be the most enjoyable excursion you will have in Dubai. Dhow

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Dubai Attractions – Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

If the glitz, glamour and cosmopolitan city life are too hot to handle for you, then you can think of taking a break from the city life of Dubai and escape to one of the most attractive spots in Dubai, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is the popular UAE’s national park and you can go to this place on a guided tour. It is 50 miles Southeast of the city of

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Dubai Holidays – Guaranteed Fun And Adventure

If you are planning for a luxurious and exciting trip with your family members, then there is no better place to visit than the city of Dubai which is often said to be an embodiment of luxury. The luxurious spas, super deluxe and five star hotels as well as resorts offer you the best unique locations and finest amenities that Dubai has to offer and this is the reason why

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Desert Safari – The Essence Of Dubai

If you are planning a trip to the most exotic and most sought after tourist cities in the world, the Dubai city, then you must make sure that you also have your travel or tour operator include Dubai desert safari in the tour itinerary. If it is hot sun, sands, sand dunes and fun filled in  your minds for a trip to Dubai, then there is no better way to enjoy all these and

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